Tips for Staying on Top During Flu Season



By now you are already sick or know someone who is coming down with a cold. Once again, it is that time of year. The time when sniffy noses and cold chills begin to take over our bodies as we succumb to none other than the flu. At Walker Pharmacy and Boutique we take health very seriously. What can we say? It’s in our genes.

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4 Sources of Inspiration: A Collection of Our Favorite Blogs and Websites


The Internet is saturated with information, a zillion different blogs, and Pinterest categories that we try to wade through to find the inspiration and knowledge that we seek.  With all the information out there to wade through and our limited time to read it all, how can we decide where to find the best information?  Tutorials – which are the most effective?  Recipes – whose are the tastiest?  Editorials – who is telling the truth?  The best resource providers and bloggers out there are going to give you the best quality of information that they know how to provide.  You should be able to visit and come away feeling more encouraged, more inspired, more knowledgeable, or more introspective than before.  So today, we are bringing you a round up of some of the best resources out there for you to add to your inspiration repertoire!  From beauty to design to lifestyle, we are showcasing the best business owners and designers in their respective fields!

4 Sources of Inspiration

Katie. Brittany Jepsen. Dale Partridge. Lauren Hooker.

Beauty & the Boutique – British stylist and makeup artist simply known on her site as “Katie” founded this site where you can find all manner of beauty and styling tips, tricks, and information in her video tutorials.  As one who struggled with confidence in the area of beauty products, Katie founded her site to share her victory over self-esteem struggles.  Now a very successful makeup artist, she can give you all the inside information about the easy and inexpensive ways to reveal your natural beauty and personal style!  Some of our favorite videos are The Right Way To Apply Eyeliner For Your Eye ShapeOne Genius Way To Inspire Every Outfit, and How To Layer Your Tops Like Never Before!

Elle & Co. Design – Graphic designer and entrepreneur Lauren Hooker devotes her time and business to helping “other creative business owners through designing their brands, offering e-courses, and sharing tips and insights” on her blog.  This brilliant lady possesses a unique belief that a business owner doesn’t have to hide her secrets of success, but can become successful as a resource to help others achieve their dreams, even if they become competitors in her own field.  You will find in her an inexhaustible wealth of information for how to run your beautifully designed business or blog in a successful and distinct way.  She is the embodiment of what Zig Ziglar meant when he said, “Stop selling.  Start helping.”  Check out her amazing blog here and don’t miss her offered courses in Adobe Illustrator and more! 

The House That Lars Built – Interior designer Brittany Jepsen has turned her degree in design into a successful and gorgeous platform where she shares her latest creations, collaborations with other artists, and DIY projects.  I discovered her on Pinterest and had to control my temptation to spend twelve or more hours just looking at her innovative, bright, and cheerful ideas! Follow this link to print her beautiful floral (and FREE) 2016 calendar!

The Daily Positive – Entrepreneur Dale Partridge founded this source of daily encouragement and thought-provoking challenges after his own struggle with anxiety.  In keeping with his mission for starting this site, each article will provide you with the reminder you need to daily “live a life of purpose.”  From How To Become A Millionaire By 30 to 3 Hard Truths About Liars to How The Most Mature People Create Meaningful Relationships, this site endeavors to help you stand all the way up into the person you were meant to be by delivering articles of hard truths and sound wisdom.  It’s more than just a database of motivational quotes; you can find deep encouragement of substance in Health, Relationships, Business, Leadership, Faith, and Culture in daily doses that give your mind just enough to chew on and become inspired!  Check out one of my favorite infographics from their post on How To Become A Morning Person And Love It to help you kick-start your productivity!

Do This, Not That - Become a Productive Person

Take Back Your Mornings


~ A note from the author, Sydney: One of my favorite quotes is from entrepreneur Dale Partridge: “A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.”  Isn’t that so true today?  With an infinity of information at our fingertips, we live in a constant state of needing inspiration, direction, motivation, or knowledge; but our time – and attention spans – are so limited.  I hope that today’s post provided you with time well-spent discovering meaningful resources that will encourage you and challenge you to live the life to which you are called and to chase after the dream that ignites a fire in your bones!  As Zig Ziglar said, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”  Now go – take a hold of that dream!  We’ll see you next week!


Interview With Wedding Videographer Justin Peay


Planning your wedding has untold mysteries and quandaries to handle: the cake, the dress, the venue, the budget!  The happiest day of your life can be a vortex of decisions and debates, and one of the most pressing questions for brides today is whether to hire a videographer.  And if so, who?  For today’s post, we are putting the spotlight on Statesboro’s most talented and dynamic videographer, Justin Peay.  We met with Justin to ask him questions that brides need to know about hiring a videographer and to get some insight on who he is as the most sought-after artist in the area.  For further information on Justin Peay Productions, be sure to follow the link below after the interview!


Justin Peay Productions

“The main purpose of the videographer is to capture the story, because it matters.”

WB: Justin, you have worked long enough with weddings and families to now know some secrets and some helpful insights.  We would like to give brides an idea of why they might want to hire a videographer for their big day and how to choose the right one!  What do you consider to be the top three things a bride should know before hiring a videographer?

JP: It is so important to remember to be yourself!  Forget the feeling that you have to perform, because you want to relive this day remembering everything you were thinking and feeling, instead of remembering the pressure of trying to act.

Another significant tip is to call attention to a specific shot or moment that you want captured.  If you assume that we will automatically know what moments are most important to you and your story, but we are unaware, we may miss them.  We want to capture your story, but please make sure to communicate those moments that are most significant to you.

Lastly, and this may sound odd, but be sure to hire a good photographer.  If you plan to hire both a photographer and a videographer, make sure to notify them and discuss if they’re comfortable working together.  Much of our work as videographers is dependent on the photographer because, whereas I will plan to be there all day, many photographers have a set schedule and itinerary that they have to stick to.   It helps to know how to work together to get the client the best products we each can.  Some of the best photographers I’ve worked with are Rachel Smith, the Paper Lily team, Shauna Veasey, and Jason Hurst.  Each of them is talented and capable of working well with a videographer.

Bonus tip: Hire a good planner!  As the videographer, I don’t create the whole theme and schedule of the day.  The venue, the decorations, and those unique moments written into the schedule are all organized by your wedding planner, and whatever is produced for the day is what I will be capturing.  So if you want a seamless, organized, and beautiful day, I recommend hiring a solid wedding planner.

WB: Aside from those top three recommendations, what are the basic requirements specific to a videographer?  What should the bride and groom have in mind as they search for the right person to film their day?

JP: The main purpose of the videographer is to capture the story, because it matters.  Look for someone who can capture the highlights of the day in a way that captures it wholly and artistically, who balances the artistic shots along with telling the story.  They need a good balance of those two.  And look at their work ahead of time to get an idea of how they capture the story.  And I say that it needs to tell a story, just because that’s what I do, that’s my perspective.  But when video is set to music and music alone, it doesn’t give the viewer a chance to connect with the bride and groom.  If the audience can connect to them, then I think that’s what makes it a successful video.

WB: Is there anything that the bride and groom need to know about making your job easier?

JP: Providing food and time are crucial.  I don’t offer my services on an hourly basis because that wouldn’t allow for capturing the whole story; I could potentially miss those important moments.  Since I plan to be there all day, having sustenance available is essential.  In addition, allowing for enough time is crucial.  If you have certain moments you definitely want captured, discuss it with your wedding planner to schedule it so that my team and I will definitely get them in.

WB: Clients obviously want to be a little familiar with the artists and videographers they hire.  Is there anything you like to know about your clients ahead of time, before the big day?

JP: Because I love to capture the story, it’s good to know ahead of time anything out of the ordinary from a normal wedding itinerary or something that would affect the normal traditions.  If you’ve planned a unique way to express yourselves, if you’re dedicating something to a lost loved one, or anything else that is unique and distinct to your wedding day, knowing that ahead of time ensures that I can highlight and weave those things into your film.

WB: What makes you distinct?  What do you do that makes you set apart from the other talented film makers?

JP: That’s tough.  As much as I’d like to say I don’t, I do compare myself to others.  But I’ve been doing this long enough to have created my own style.  Not that there aren’t others who use some of the same techniques, but I feel that I have figured out what works best for my style.  I observed how others executed their business: how did they provide their product to clients, how long the videos are, etc.  And a lot of these videographers were giving their clients these forty minute long films, which is fine for the bride and groom, if they are the only ones watching it.  You know, I’d love to watch forty minutes of just me and my wife, but would I want to watch forty minutes of a friend or relative?  So I decided I wanted to create the Director’s Cut, which is the most popular film that I create.  It’s a six to eight minute film of their entire day that allows the viewer to watch it, and especially if they weren’t able to attend the wedding, hopefully this will make them feel like they were, and they didn’t miss out on the significant moments.  I don’t know many videographers that do it the way that I do it.  Some will do one to two minute trailers, but it’s video clips with music that isn’t much to connect to, and you’ll have to watch that forty minute film to get the story.  So that idea of a Director’s Cut that I’ve developed over the years is a significant difference that sets my style apart.

WB:  I’ve noticed that as well just researching your work and as I watched some of your Director’s Cuts, I found myself struggling to stop after watching one or two!  You do a great job of getting that connection.  For instance, your video about the Australian groom and Southern bride, Liam and Jessica, was particularly captivating!  These people are strangers to me, and I felt like I connected to them.  I can’t imagine how much the people who do know and love them enjoy the video because it captures that story; it captures the moments that they remember being part of or the moments that they didn’t witness but are able to engage in by watching the film.  And I think a bride and a groom would love to have that even if they can’t envision ahead of time what their film will be like or how the day will come together.  They can have that video to relive the day as both participants or “stars” of the film and also as the audience later -what a priceless gift!

“I hope that when a bride and groom watches their film 30 years from now, they feel just as connected with that day as they were on their honeymoon.” ~ Justin Peay

WB: What have you learned since you started?

JP: Different scenarios have built a confidence in me that there won’t be a curve ball you can throw at me.  But two of my most valuable assets are my second shooters, Jon Irvan and Ryan Callahan.  I trust my life with these guys.  I can send them to film something like the groom getting ready and I trust them so much.  If that side of it doesn’t get filmed, then it’s pretty much ruined, but I can trust them.  We’ve been together so long that we know each others’ nuances.  I know what their strengths and weaknesses are and they know mine, so I put them in positions to highlight their strengths and we work together to create the best film.  

WB: What is your goal with your work?  What do you hope to accomplish in telling the story?

JP: I hope that when a bride and groom watches their film 30 years from now, they feel just as connected with that day as they were on their honeymoon.  I want to capture those moments that they never want to forget and remember those things on every anniversary.

WB: What inspires your style?

JP: Occasionally, the night before a wedding, I will watch other wedding videos.  Even though I have a certain style, things are always changing and the only way to know how they’re changing is to watch other people’s work.  So if there is something that another videographer is doing well, I will go on Vimeo and just watch the lastest to keep up with it.  And I would absolutely say that where I am now is because of tutorials online.  I’ve never taken a class and I didn’t go to college for this; this is all what I have picked up from other people.  That’s what’s different about the creative world – someone can produce something that floors me but is entirely different from what I do.  And that doesn’t devalue what I do, but it’s a different way to create a film that caters to a different crowd or demographic.  And I wish someone told me when I was learning to definitely look at other people’s work when you’re starting out because you can learn from them.  Don’t steal or copy it, but once you film long enough, you’re going to create your own style that will provide for a demographic that those other videographers aren’t.

WB: Why did you choose wedding videography?  Why do you do what you do?

JP: I started because of a need for money.  My wife Alaina’s health was declining, and we didn’t know at the time that she would need a kidney transplant, but I was looking for something to pay our already existing medical bills.  My first film was for my now second shooter, Jon Irvan’s wedding. That’s when I realized the need, the opportunity to do what I do.  I knew the local talent out there, and I didn’t want to detract from them.  But shooting that first wedding made me realize the opportunity for creating my style, and even though I was just looking for something to pay the bills, I became really passionate about it, and it was a way to make a living as well.  Any kind of film-making that has a story is my passion, and weddings are all different.  They all have stories.  

WB: How can we follow you on social media?

JP: I have accounts on InstagramTwitter, Facebook, and Vimeo.  My accounts aren’t separate from my business and my personal life.  I want people to know who they’re hiring, not just based solely on my work.  You can see parts of my life, the things that I value like my relationship with Christ, and my wife and my son, and that gives you an idea of who I am and how and why I do what I do. 


As mentioned in the article, Justin’s wife Alaina was in need of a kidney transplant two years ago, and the story of their perfect match is an inspiring message of the kind of love that we are called to in life and in marriage.  Be sure to check out the About section of his website to learn more!

There you have it!  Justin, thank you again for your time and for the opportunity to highlight the gift you have for capturing people’s stories and making them matter.  And dear reader, I hope that this information alleviates your wedding planning stress and that you will be able to enjoy your wedding day both on the actual date and for many anniversaries to come!


~ A note from the author, Sydney: This has been my favorite blog post yet because I love helping people find the resources that they need and helping those business resources find the people to whom they want to offer their services!  It’s a win-win situation, and in this case you can be certain that the man in the spotlight isn’t merely talented; he is a man of integrity who will provide you with his best work to help you look back on your day and the precious memories you made.  And his genuine and fun personality will put you at ease so that he will feel like part of your family or another friend who just wants to celebrate with you.  I hope you enjoyed this week’s post and check back with us next week for another insightful article!





No Bake Peanut Butter Toffee Cheesecake Bites


Happy New Year to you! With the holidays over and the new year off to a great start, it is time to sit down and share a new recipe with you! Though some of you may have made it a goal to lose weight or eat healthier this year there is always a little wiggle room when it comes to a simple, no bake dessert. Today I am sharing how you can make these delicious peanut butter toffee cream cheese bites in under 3 hours! They are perfect for a potluck dessert or a bite size snack for the upcoming game.

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