Fourth of July Summer Fashion!

Wow, does anyone else feel like you blinked and suddenly you’re standing in the middle of summer?  It seems we were just talking about the Colors of the Year back in February, and now it’s time to talk summer fashion!  The Fourth of July is just around the corner, so if you’re looking for some patriotic apparel to celebrate the land of the free, check out our top picks from our latest arrivals!

It’s always fun to mix and match, but what could be more fun than sporting a matched set playsuit?  The light chambray fabric has a weathered look with frayed seam detail and delicate white embroidery with a Native American-inspired tribal pattern.  We love the sporty and laid-back appeal to this feminine ensemble, and it’s the perfect answer to “What am I going to wear?” to celebrate the 4th!

Maybe it’s just because I’m an ’80s baby, but nothing says “summer” to me like tie dye!  This cut-out shoulder top is very on-trend for 2016, and the soft, oversized fabric will keep you breezy at those outdoor celebrations.  The Shibori tie dye pattern is reminiscent of our grand ol’ flag with horizontal blocks of red, white, and blue.  Pair with your favorite white jeans or shorts for some funky summer fun!

Dani tie dye top

Dani Top – $22.95

If you want to sport your patriotic colors with a more creative expression, this gorgeous top will give you a little splash of variety!  The mint background beautifully features red ranunculus and blue cornflowers in an elegant pattern.  If you’re looking for a slightly more formal look for your holiday, check out this print in a lovely and simple sleeveless dress!

You just can’t get better than simple, clean, classic white.  A thin white cotton dress is the South’s LBD – versatile, classic, and COMFORTABLE!  Let’s face it, in this humid heat, you’ve gotta have some comfort.  The Gracee dress may be my favorite item of our summer collection with it’s off-the-shoulder neckline and eyelet detail on the ruffled sleeves and scalloped hem.  It’s the perfect combination of elegance and casual comfort for an outdoor celebration!

Well, we kept it short and sweet today, y’all, but those are my favorite Walker picks for the summer holiday.  Tell us your July  4th celebration plans in the comments below!  

~ A note from the author, Sydney: Some of the most unforgettable summer memories are made over this special holiday.  The hallmarks of my July usually involve watermelon, fireworks, boiled peanuts, and Coca-Cola.  Sometimes it’s easy to just focus on the dead heat and scent of bug spray (let’s be honest), but I hope your holiday is special this year with memories made with family and friends, and a sacred moment to recognize the sacrifices men and women have made for our 240 years of precious freedom.  Don’t let the day go by without thanking someone who has sacrificed their normalcy, their finances, their time with family, or that last full measure of devotion, their lives.  Semper Fi.


Simple Summer Fruited Salad


Happy first week of summer to you! While the weather has already been at summer temperatures, we can now officially enjoy summer everything. 

One of my favorite ways to celebrate summer is to indulge on summer fruits and veggies. When everything is plentiful and farmer’s markets are overflowing with fresh produce, there is no reason not to have your fair share. 

Fruited salads are my absolute favorite way to enjoy summer produce. With a base of romaine or spinach you can add your choice of toppings and dressings to create the perfect blend. 


My go to salad consists of strawberries, blueberries, and cucumbers as well as feta cheese and almonds. I typically choose a vinaigrette dressing to top off the salad. You can easily make a dressing to put your own spin on things. 



What is your favorite way to celebrate summer? Have you ever tried a fun summer produce salad? If so, what are your favorite toppings?


Philanthropy Project of the Month: Delight in the Lord Ministries, Inc.

Uganda charity

Delight in the Lord Ministries, Inc – Cierra Crowe and friend


Each month, Walker Pharmacy and Boutique is honored to partner with a local charity or non-profit organization by donating a cash fund based on the number of prescriptions filled in our pharmacy locations.  These funds help support these organizations by funding for the needs of the administrators and the needs of those they serve.  For the month of June, we are proud to partner with an organization rooted in Brooklet, Georgia — Delight in the Lord Ministries, Inc.

In the past, the organizations that we have partnered with have been local charities that are helping our surrounding communities, and it has been a blessing to see the direct results benefiting our fellow citizens.  But DL Ministries is distinctly different from previous endeavors because we have the opportunity to fund a local young lady, Cierra Crowe, as she ministers and provides for young children in Uganda, Africa!  By visiting Cierra’s website at www.delightinthelordministries.org or via Facebook through @delightinthelordministries, you will find the remarkable story of DLM’s beginnings as Cierra shares how a short mission trip captured her heart and a seed was planted for her to return on a more permanent basis to pursue education, vocation training, and feeding programs for the children of Uganda.  Cierra also shares blog updates that will enable you to personally participate in the heart of the ministry and to witness how your funds are blessing the growth of the ministry’s outreach as her feeding programs have been established and as she works to establish affordable, quality education for all children.  Now as the guardian parent of three boys previously living at a shelter, Cierra is learning what it means to parent these children with grace under pressure!

If you are interested in learning more about this ministry, please visit Cierra’s website where you will have the opportunity to donate.  As is always the case, it is difficult to feel limited in our resources to financially support those whom we are committed to encouraging in any way we can.  By spreading the word about Walker Pharmacy’s monthly philanthropy, you will be encouraging others to participate with you as a team as they bring their own prescriptions for secure donations.  Edward Everett Hale once said, “I am only one, but still I am one.  I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”  We as individuals can affect others in profound ways, but our efforts to take a stand and come together as a community can affect a mission or an individual in untold ways for years to come.  Please consider partnering with us today and putting the word out in our community as we seek to bless Cierra and the people of Uganda in tangible ways this month!  Join us next month to find out what our July philanthropy project will be and how you can participate!


Children of Uganda


~ A note from the author, Sydney: I love that quote from Edward Hale because it reminds me not only of the power of an individual’s determined devotion, but also of the magnified power devoted individuals pulling together as a community with the same mind and fiercely devoted heart to make the world a better place for someone else.  In the chaos of this world and the heartbreak that each breaking news update brings, it is easy to become disheartened that darkness and evil have become such overwhelming forces.  But as history shows, genuine revolutions are born in persecution and spread like wildfires in the face of such darkness.  Love at its truest form is sacrificial, and sacrificial love is the greatest force on Earth.  Let’s come together as a community to penetrate the darkness and offer our love and devotion to others who need our brotherly faithfulness.  Blessings to you, and join us next week for more updates from Walker Boutique!


Now Trending at Walker Boutique


In a world of fast fashion sometimes it seems hard to keep up to date with what is currently trending and which trends have come and gone. While personal style is essential, trends are fun to keep up with as well! At both our Market District and Northside Drive stores we constantly see various trends from fun prints to cute kimonos and even as far as trendy poolside decor!

We know that sometimes it is hard to make it in stores (which is why you can shop our online section 24/7) but you want to see which items are currently a hit so you can plan which piece you want to buy next! That is why today we are sharing some of the top sellers that are currently in our stores!


Long and flowy bohemian inspired outfits seem to be topping our list of most popular items in stores and online. This style of clothing is great not only because it is pleasing to the eye but it also workw on many different body types and sizes, unlike other styles. 


Lace and lace accented clothing is another hit in stores. These delicate accents give a classic girly vibe to any article  or outfit they are added to. 


Other popular items include classic, handmade jewelry such as our Designs by Devra line, active wear, and seasonal clothing items. Recently we have been selling a lot of red, white, and blue outfits in preparation for the 4th of July! 

Our in store inventory changes daily so come in often to see what new arrivals we have and see what we currently have trending. However, remember that if you can’t come in you can always shop online 24/7


Tell me below in the comments, what trends are you falling for this summer? What outfit have you been dying to try out? 


Three Essential Infused Water Recipes

There’s something about summer that makes me want to go fruit crazy. Likely it is the return of the farmer’s market with all of their fresh produce. With the arrival of summer, infused water becomes a staple in my household. When water becomes infused not only does it look lovely, it can also serve as a great source of antioxidants or other essential minerals as well as encourage others to drink their required amount of water daily.


With all the options for infused water you may be confused at what goes with what. Luckily, there aren’t many ways in which you can go wrong when pairing fruits, herbs, veggies, etc. Just play around with different mixes until you find something that suits you. 

For all infused waters, the recipe is simple. You will slice your fruit and add them to a pitcher of water. Allow the fruit to infuse for a minimum of 10 minutes before serving. 


Strawberry Blueberry – You can absolutely never go wrong with a basic berry mix. While strawberries and blueberries go extremely well together you could also substitute raspberries, blackberries, or any other berry. If you want to add a bit of extra flavor, toss in a few mint leaves. 



Cucumber Lime Mint  – This green concoction is perfect for a day relaxing by the pool. Cucumber is known for its relaxing and anti-inflammatory purposes while the lime and mint counter the cucumber by adding a spark of energy to the mix. 



Citrus Trio – Another great grouping for infused water is to do a purely citrus infusion. The varying levels of citrus  will counter each other and create a unique but delicious taste. For this recipe I added lime, grapefruit, and orange. Lemon or other variations of citrus can also be substituted. 


Now that you have three ideas to get you started, I encourage you to try your own hand at creating an infused water to keep on hand. With the amount of available fruits, the possibilities are endless for what you can create. 

Tell me below in the comments, what mix of fruit would you like to try?