How To Show Generosity This Christmas


What words come to mind when you try to describe the Christmas spirit?  For me, hope and generosity are two of the hallmarks of everything we feel during the season that inspires us to feel grateful and share our joy.  Without hope, we dare not dream for the future; and without a reason to hope, we shrink into a small world that only revolves around ourselves.  But more than any other time of year, Christmas reminds us of the hope that was given to us in a little town called Bethlehem, and the generosity of grace that was poured out in a place called Calvary.  This Christmas, we hope to inspire you with some ideas on how to let your generosity flow out onto strangers who need a little hope this Christmas… if you’re looking for ways to donate and bless others in your community, here are our top three ideas for December!

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How to Style a Fall Place Setting

Photo Nov 11, 1 54 36 PM

With Fall in full swing and Thanksgiving a mere two weeks away, you may be hustling about to make sure your house looks perfect for the guests that will be arriving soon. From cleaning to decorating you are determined to do it all! Today we are here to help you with one of the most difficult things to style, in my opinion, place settings.

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Walker Boutique West Grand Opening


Living in a small town means that new stores and grand openings are BIG deals! That was definitely the case this past Thursday when Walker Boutique opened its second retail location, Walker Boutique West. This new location aims to bring trendy clothes, jewelry, and gifts to the west side of Statesboro. Be sure to stop by and visit us the next time you are in Statesboro.  Continue reading


3 Ways To Eliminate Tension In Your Relationships

I just don’t get you sometimes.”

It might be embarrassing to admit how many times I heard this from my sister as we grew up.  And if I’m being honest, the feeling was often mutual.  In fact, we could at times communicate this thought to each other with a simple look, no words required.  Our love for each other is shared, but not much else about us is similar!  And where there are differences, there is often a tension ready to flare up at unexpected moments.

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