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In a world of fast fashion sometimes it seems hard to keep up to date with what is currently trending and which trends have come and gone. While personal style is essential, trends are fun to keep up with as well! At both our Market District and Northside Drive stores we constantly see various trends from fun prints to cute kimonos and even as far as trendy poolside decor!

We know that sometimes it is hard to make it in stores (which is why you can shop our online section 24/7) but you want to see which items are currently a hit so you can plan which piece you want to buy next! That is why today we are sharing some of the top sellers that are currently in our stores!


Long and flowy bohemian inspired outfits seem to be topping our list of most popular items in stores and online. This style of clothing is great not only because it is pleasing to the eye but it also workw on many different body types and sizes, unlike other styles. 


Lace and lace accented clothing is another hit in stores. These delicate accents give a classic girly vibe to any article  or outfit they are added to. 


Other popular items include classic, handmade jewelry such as our Designs by Devra line, active wear, and seasonal clothing items. Recently we have been selling a lot of red, white, and blue outfits in preparation for the 4th of July! 

Our in store inventory changes daily so come in often to see what new arrivals we have and see what we currently have trending. However, remember that if you can’t come in you can always shop online 24/7


Tell me below in the comments, what trends are you falling for this summer? What outfit have you been dying to try out? 

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  1. I am absolutely loving that off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are so hot this summer and peplum style as well! I cannot wait to add a few more Walker pieces to my wardrobe!

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