Simple Summer Fruited Salad


Happy first week of summer to you! While the weather has already been at summer temperatures, we can now officially enjoy summer everything. 

One of my favorite ways to celebrate summer is to indulge on summer fruits and veggies. When everything is plentiful and farmer’s markets are overflowing with fresh produce, there is no reason not to have your fair share. 

Fruited salads are my absolute favorite way to enjoy summer produce. With a base of romaine or spinach you can add your choice of toppings and dressings to create the perfect blend. 


My go to salad consists of strawberries, blueberries, and cucumbers as well as feta cheese and almonds. I typically choose a vinaigrette dressing to top off the salad. You can easily make a dressing to put your own spin on things. 



What is your favorite way to celebrate summer? Have you ever tried a fun summer produce salad? If so, what are your favorite toppings?

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