3 Easy Ways to Transition your Home from Winter to Spring



With the temperatures reaching the 80s lately in Statesboro, GA, it seems that we have almost jumped right over spring and into summer.

However many of us are still holding on to our winter home décor. With the rising temperatures and Easter coming up, now is the time to begin transitioning your home décor to more spring related pieces.

If you are unsure of what you can do to bring a cheery vibe to your neutral winter décor we are sharing three easy tips to help you out!


Add Flowers – One of the easiest ways you can introduce spring into your home is by adding a fresh cut of flowers to your table. Stop by your local florist for bright tulips, lillys, or roses!


Toss in a Throw Pillow – Brighten up your living room couch or chair with a few bright, new throw pillows. At Walker Boutique we carry The Dylan Collection brand of throw pillows that come in all colors from a bright yellow to a poppy pink!


Pick the Right Scent – Another easy item to add to your house during this transitional stage would be a spring scented candle or linen spray. Pick a scent that reminds you of spring and fill your house with it.


Once you have these things done the rest of the transition will come naturally!

I do hope that these tips help you in sprucing up your spring décor this year and would love to hear what you plan to do to your home in the comments below!



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