Trend to Watch: Farmhouse Style

Trend to Watch: Farmhouse Style

We’ve all been there… Sitting down after a long day at work to relax. Flipping on the TV to HGTV and seeing your favorite show, Fixer Upper, playing. You’ll just watch one episode but then all of a sudden you are 3 episodes in sitting down with a notebook and pen writing down all the ideas you want to implement in your house. 

Recently I have noticed that the farmhouse trend has blown up dramatically. At Walker Boutique we have been receiving shipment after shipment of new farmhouse style items and they have flown out the door. 

I decided to sit down with our in-house interior designer, Kathy, to talk about this up and coming trend. She gave me insight and tips and tricks on how to bring this design into your own home. 

The number one thing she discussed was the importance of the color white in decor. She told me how white items bring a clean, crisp look to a home and create the perfect palette to add on to. 

Then texture was noted. To achieve the farmhouse style texture is essential. Chicken wire can add texture to glass jars or baskets while wooden architectural elements such as window panes can be hung on the wall in place of traditional pictures. 

Trend to Watch: Farmhouse Style

Greenery is another important factor in the farmhouse style. Moss covered decorative balls can be placed in a basket for a centerpiece or succulents can be set in windowsills to bring nature indoors. Magnolia wreaths have  been a huge hit at Walker Boutique this spring. Often these wreaths are hung on a metal tray which is in turn hung on the wall. This combines texture, metal and greenery for the perfect wall piece above a mantle or on a gallery wall. 

Trend to Watch: Farmhouse Style

Finally this trend is rounded out by the addition of wrought iron elements and “old timey” pieces such as lanterns. The rustic elements mix with the crisp, clean lines to create this look that is taking over homes across the U.S. 


Find more home decor ideas on our Pinterest account and tell me down below, what is your favorite part of the farmhouse trend?


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