Mid-Week Inspiration


You have almost made it through the week and the weekend is within sight. I always feel like I fall into a slump midweek and have to proactively seek out inspiration. This inspiration gives me that extra “umph” to keep going. This quote by C.S. Lewis is pure inspiration for whenever life gets tough and you are not sure you are going in the right direction. It is a reminder to keep on moving forward and embrace the new, embrace the change, and do not worry about the past.

I am sure there is a time in your life where you have feared change and have worried yourself sick over a new opportunity. I know for a fact that I have. As a company Walker Pharmacy and Boutique has worried if certain changes would be successful or if they would fail, yet this did not stop us from trying. Through the changes we have realized that better things do lie ahead rather than remain behind.

Currently Walker Boutique is going through some HUGE changes. Within the week we will be launching a new brick and mortar location and after that we will be focusing our energy on the website and making it more accessible to you!

We are so excited you stopped by to be inspired with us and we hope you stick around to see our changes!

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