Graduation Gift Ideas: Home Is Where The Heart Is


Graduating seniors will soon be embarking on new adventures so unlike what they have ever experienced before.  Leaving home to spread their own wings and learning how to navigate the world independence, they will experience both the longing for home and the familiar as well as excitement in enjoying their new and different surroundings.  Many will be leaving home to establish their own lives for a season in the Southern cities of Athens, Atlanta, Savannah, or even Statesboro if they aren’t current locals of our lovely town; and others still will be leaving each of these great cities perhaps to attend college in one of the other university towns.  If you’re looking for the perfect graduation gift, Walker Boutique is featuring charming prints and souvenirs that feature these cities’ familiar landmarks that will make the perfect decoration in their new residences to remind them of home or to help them embrace their new cities!


Athens Print 

If your graduate is planning to spread their wings in Athens in the fall, this print is the perfect gift to decorate their new residence with the famous landmarks and favorite locations to Athens locals and students alike.  Featuring the University of Georgia campus and famous archway, College Avenue, Sanford Stadium, and the National restaurant, this print will celebrate the sites where they will soon be making memories of their college lives.  And if Athens is their home and they have plans to attend school in another city, this will make the perfect gift to remind them of home!


Atlanta Print


Atlanta has numerous world-renowned locations such as the World of Coca-Cola, the Georgia Aquarium, the CNN Center, Turner Field, Centennial Park (home of the 1996 Olympics), the Varsity drive-in restaurant, and Midtown.  This watercolor print captures the landmarks that your student will make memories in fun entertainment and education and will make you proud to be a Georgia native – or new resident!


Savannah print

The city of Savannah is famous for its Southern charm and history, and this decorative print features some of the city’s proudest landmarks that students, natives, and tourists alike love to visit.  From the photographer’s favorite Wormsloe Plantation flanked with weeping willows to the famous Forsyth Park fountain, to Southern museum favorites and historic districts, this print captures the sites that your student will learn to appreciate and celebrate as a new resident, or to remember with fondness as a native remembering their hometown.


Statesboro mug

We may be partial to this last item 🙂  Capturing the charm of this Southern town, this mug features Stateboro’s cultural landmarks such as the Averitt Center of the Arts to the history Jaeckel Hotel turned into our City Hall, as well as family-favorite locations like Mill Creek Park where many have made childhood memories.  Whether your student is leaving their home of Statesboro for a large university or they are coming to our charming city to attend GSU, this makes the perfectly thoughtful gift to celebrate their new season of life.


Change and transition can be exciting but never easy to endure, and graduating to embark on the most independent adventure yet should be celebrated!  As someone wisely said, every child needs wings to fly and roots to remain secure.  Celebrate this new season with your graduate and give them this personal gift to remind them of of their home roots or to give them courage and joy about their new home for the next season of life.  Each print measures 8×10 for the perfect size to decorate the walls or furnishings of any size living space, and the natural watercolor tones make it easy to find the perfect mats and frames to match.  Shop online or in stores at Walker Boutique West or our flagship store, Walker Boutique on Merchants Way!  We would love to help you find the perfect items or gift baskets for your beloved graduate!


3 Easy Ways to Transition your Home from Winter to Spring



With the temperatures reaching the 80s lately in Statesboro, GA, it seems that we have almost jumped right over spring and into summer.

However many of us are still holding on to our winter home décor. With the rising temperatures and Easter coming up, now is the time to begin transitioning your home décor to more spring related pieces.

If you are unsure of what you can do to bring a cheery vibe to your neutral winter décor we are sharing three easy tips to help you out!


Add Flowers – One of the easiest ways you can introduce spring into your home is by adding a fresh cut of flowers to your table. Stop by your local florist for bright tulips, lillys, or roses!


Toss in a Throw Pillow – Brighten up your living room couch or chair with a few bright, new throw pillows. At Walker Boutique we carry The Dylan Collection brand of throw pillows that come in all colors from a bright yellow to a poppy pink!


Pick the Right Scent – Another easy item to add to your house during this transitional stage would be a spring scented candle or linen spray. Pick a scent that reminds you of spring and fill your house with it.


Once you have these things done the rest of the transition will come naturally!

I do hope that these tips help you in sprucing up your spring décor this year and would love to hear what you plan to do to your home in the comments below!




Create New Ideas With 2016 Color of the Year


pantone color of the year

photo credits: Hale.com // Getty Images // Italian Bark  //Flickr

Coffee and a good book

Ebony and ivory

Peanut butter and jelly

What do all these things have in common?  

One of these things by itself is great.  But the full experience of its value is in the combined balance of its companion.  In the words of Rob Bass, “it takes two to make a thing go right”!  Apparently, Pantone agreed with this statement when they set tradition aside and announced that their 2016 Color of the Year would be a harmonious pair of two colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue.

For some, this may lead to another question: What is Pantone?

You know, you really have an inquisitive mind.  I think I like you. 🙂  To answer your question, Pantone is an American corporation best known for its color-matching system that influences many industries, especially those involving textiles.  For years, Pantone has been announcing their official Color of the Year as a way to inspire creative thought and to remind us to celebrate every color on the spectrum for its possibilities.  Many industries such as the fashion world, home decor companies, and the wedding industry work with Pantone to incorporate this color of the year into their products in order to make it available to the consumer.  That’s you!

In recent years, Pantone’s official colors have been rich, one-dimensional shades such as Marsala, Orchid, and Emerald.  For 2016, Pantone decided to break from tradition to bring versatility and tranquil balance in two complimentary colors that work in harmony for fresh inspiration.  So without further ado, today we would like to kick off a celebration of new ideas with ready-to-pin photo collages of these two colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue.  We are featuring three areas in which anyone can express their favorite ways of styling these colors of the year, so follow us through our favorite photos that show this duo in fashion, home decor, and weddings for beautiful examples in how you can make these colors all your own this year!

Industry one : fashion  

Rose quartz has the ability to perform as an elegant neutral or feminine pastel, and the recent popularity of rose gold jewelry may have been the prelude to this darling hue making a splash in apparel.  With the gentle and light touch of a blushing glow, this shade will translate from sweet spring pastels to serene winter neutrals throughout the year!

A complimentary contrast to rose quartz is the tranquil and pleasant hue of Serenity Blue that both balances and enhances its softer counter-part.  Whether worn alone in our ever-popular chambray shirtdress or paired with its 2016 pink partner in a stunning watercolor like our trending cut-out shoulder top, this sentimental shade is sure to become a favorite for its clean and soothing tones.

Industry two: home decor

Decorating your living spaces really provides the opportunity to experiment and the freedom of creative control with how much of each color you would like to feature in your home.  As seen here, making a statement with a fixed feature such as your front door, a major appliance, or even an accent wall can allow for accentuating with a statement piece.  Or if you’re more of a mix-and-match person, consider collecting small details like rose gold table accents or incorporating another shade like a slate gray.  These colors are just as suitable as featured statement colors or accent colors on a variety of color palettes.  Translate these shades in any style from French Country to Modern!

Industry three: weddings

Weddings are the quintessential event for creating a color theme, and 2016’s color pairing is producing some of my favorite looks for the traditional blue and pink combination.  Far from cutesy and juvenile shades that we see at baby showers, the dusty periwinkle and blushing rose speak elegance and provide undertones of stength and tenderness to make it the perfect balance for a marriage of masculine and feminine colors.  Make your ceremony crisp and clean with precise balances of these two shades or feel free to accentuate using other complimentary colors with verdent greenery, neutral wooden ornaments, golden table accents, or even red roses in your bouquets!  The possibilities are endless to take this inspiration and make it all your own!

Each season will bring new ideas on styling these classic colors, from the pastels of spring to adding pops of bold color to mix with in summer, to the transition to understated neutrals in fall and winter.  We can’t wait to see a regeneration of all-new ideas and themes for 2016!

Which of these areas are you most likely to try the Colors of the Year?  Do you have any particular favorite stylings?


writer~ A note from the author: Are you enjoying this 2016’s Colors of the Year?  Each individual has their own palettes and hues that captivate them, and my anticipation grows each year to see what Pantone might suggest as the new color for inspired experimentation!  Not every year promises a shade that we gravitate towards, but the mission of forcing our minds to quite literally “color outside” of the box is always accomplished.  I hope that you find wonderful ways to make these colors work for you.  Go color your world!




Essential Tips For Your Wedding Registry


You’re engaged!

Congratulations!  You’re a freshly-minted fiancee 😉  And now, the planning begins…  

Like many brides, you may find yourself with more questions than you expected now that the ring is officially on your finger.  Is your mind consumed with wondering about the where, when, and how of planning details?   Today, we are discussing one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning: the registry.  Don’t let your questions overwhelm you because we are here to help!  Here are our tips and advice for how and where to register, what to select, and the life-saving knowledge of wedding registry etiquette!

Understand your style as a couple

We have all heard that opposites attract, but when you’re beginning to figure out how to meld your personal tastes, it is crucial to learn a balanced compromise that represents both of you.  Understanding your “couple style” is the foundation for all of your registry decisions.  Try this exercise: each of you make a list of words that describe your style and then compare to research how you could combine preferred color palettes, textures, and themes!  It is important to note that your tastes will likely change dramatically as years go by and you experience different seasons of life, so be sure to keep a guideline of selecting classic and timeless items.

Know the scope of your wedding

The scale and theme of your wedding will reflect in your registry.  Are you planning a large, extravagant wedding or a small gathering?  Do your family and friends live nearby or far away?  Are they likely to shop online?  Each of these questions gives you insight into making practical choices that make buying the gifts you need more convenient for your loved ones.  One way to do that is by registering at one to three stores with at least one having a brick-and-mortar location for those who don’t do online purchasing.  (Why register at more than one store?  Read on for more insight…) 

Register for all price points

To ensure that you are being considerate to each friend and their budgets, register for gifts at all price points. Real Simple Magazine recommends dividing your registry in thirds: keep one third of the items in the $50 and under range, one third in the $50-$100 range, and another third in the $150+ range.  This will afford each person an opportunity to choose a gift within her price-range, while knowing that she has purchased something special that you truly want or need.

Don’t be afraid to over-register (Yes, you should, and no, it isn’t greedy!)

Registering for making your house a home is one of those rare circumstances in which it is best to overdo it.  Again, as Real Simple Magazine states, a good guideline is to select 125 items minimum per 100 guests.  Sound greedy?  Think about it: registering at different price points usually means that you break down larger costs into smaller sets of items such as flatware and smaller kitchen accessories or home decor.  Your friends or relatives shopping in the lower price points will be allowed to have fun mixing and matching a personalized gift set that completes your registry and ensures that they are giving you exactly what you need and want.  Win, win!

In addition, it is best to register at one to three stores with a cohesive plan, varying for the selection each store provides: one for fine china, one for home decor, one for hobbies, et cetera.  Plan ahead with a definite list of what you need so that you don’t end up with unnecessary items, duplicates, or more stress of keeping various lists updated.  Our lovely registry specialist, Mrs. Kathy, highly recommends a walk-through of a store before you register to get an idea of what products and styles are available.  This is a great time to walk through together with your fiance, unless he prefers to go with you to the registry appointment. (Hint: limit the number of people you invite to accompany you on these trips and appointments or else you may end up scanning items you don’t truly want!)  

Select your dinnerware (or other priority items) first

When choosing items for your registry, it is wise to start with the items that you definitely want to have, leaving time to add any home decor items later as you discover your tastes.  For instance, if you know you want china, it is best to choose your collection and metal serving pieces first before items like bed and bath linens or kitchen necessities.  Eight to twelve is a good range for place settings, and if you love to entertain, you would do best to register for twelve.

Once you are firm on your china selection, begin forming your decor color schemes.  Until you have your color palettes agreed upon, stick to registering for your basic needs like the essential decor items with no color schemes, such as wood, metal, and glass materials.  This salad bowl by Mud Pie is a classic and popular piece among our bridal registries, and it is perfect for mixing styles and textures!

Get to know china designs

At Walker, we carry collections that are famous for their high quality, durability, and style longevity.  While there are many other style and price points to choose from, our favorite lines offer everything to the elegant traditionalist and the spunky free spirit alike.  Juliska‘s Berry and Thread, Vietri‘s Forma (swoon!), Skyros‘ Isabella, Spode‘s Blue Italian or Woodland, and Lenox‘s Venetian Lace are the timeless collections you will have your choice of at your registry appointment, and Coton Colors are a great option for the non-traditionalist who loves bright colors and fun details!  

Put the money to its best use

If you are foregoing the china idea but aren’t sure where to put the money, we have some ideas for you, too!  Use it wisely to invest in style basics, choosing items with interchangeable colors, patterns, and details that give versatility to basic white dinnerware (think colorful place mats and napkins), or channel those funds towards your common interests such as hiking gear, DIY projects, or other non-traditional activities you enjoy.  Some relatives or friends may prefer to give you more traditional gifts, but many people love the option of funding activities or purchases like your first grown-up payment on a house.  In either case, be sure to send a thank-you note within one to three weeks of receiving your gift, detailing how you envision using the item or the contributions.  This timeframe will show them how genuinely grateful you are, and it will relieve their worries on whether you received the gift.  Remember, honest gratitude goes a long way in strengthening bonds.  Your fiance loves you, but don’t forget about the ones who show their love with their gifts and support!

 ~ A note from the author, Sydney: Congratulations, sweet one!  I can imagine you are filled with both anxious thoughts and giddy anticipation about planning your dream wedding, and I hope that our tips on registering abated those fears and inspired your creativity to make your house a home for you and your soon-to-be spouse.  If any of your questions have not been answered, please comment below or call us at (912) 623-2099 to speak with a registry specialist.  We will be happy to help you figure it all out!  Remember, don’t cheat yourself out of building your future by getting caught up in small details.  Pour your heart and energy into building a faithful and loving marriage, and you will find yourself creating the home of your dreams where Love welcomes you at the door and invites all to linger in its presence.  Happy Wednesday!

Spring 2016 Home Trends

We are a little over a month away from spring and I am getting more and more excited each day. There is something about spring that brings out pure happiness in me. Maybe its to arrival of bright colors and new trends or maybe its the newness of nature that surrounds the season. Regardless spring is a season of change and new things. 

The newness of spring brings about many changes whether in style, home decor, or whatever. Things get lighter as the weight of winter is lifted and new trends evolve. Hours are spent browsing Apartment Therapy in hopes of sparking joy with these new trends and DIY projects that have been put on the back burner are completed!

I am thoroughly excited to see what this spring holds trend-wise. From what I have seen so far there is a lot of promise in the trends for the upcoming season.


Texture is huge this spring. Every where I look, I see beautiful handmade wall weavings adding color and texture to bedrooms, living rooms, and more. The above weaving is a simple DIY project that can be completed in just a few hours. 


Floral is also making a huge comeback this year. From magazines to apartment tours I am seeing an influx in floral prints, elements, and natural flowers. I can’t deny that I adore this trend and am excited to see even more when spring makes its debut. The above floral wall hanging from The Kitchy Kitchen would make a great addition to any bedroom or kitchen!


Copper – Unless you have been living under a rock, you have obviously noticed the huge leap in the direction of copper. With rows at Target being dedicated to this gorgeous metal, it is obvious that this trend is here to stay for a while. It is simple to add a few copper elements in your home. For example this project from Hello! Upholstery would take less than 30 minutes!


Marble – Finally and much to my surprise, marbled items are making headway in the home decor realm. From dinner napkins, to coffee mugs, to planters marble is popping up everywhere! It is simple to create your own marble items such as these napkins from Apartment Therapy


What trends are you excited to see this spring?