Forever Love: A Story of Long-lasting Marriage

He sat across from me at the table, his weathered and wrinkled hands clasped in front of him.  He finally looks all of his eighty-five years, but that happy twinkle is still in his eyes, and he laughs as easily as ever.  Uncle Bennett has always possessed a boyish charm and youthful soul that draw me in when we visit, year after year.  Aunt Doris has been gone six years now, but Uncle Bennett’s memories and his affection for his bride of fifty-seven years are still obviously fresh upon his heart.  Although my visit with him was much too brief last month, the time we had together left me with a question that lingers on my mind…

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3 Ways To Eliminate Tension In Your Relationships

I just don’t get you sometimes.”

It might be embarrassing to admit how many times I heard this from my sister as we grew up.  And if I’m being honest, the feeling was often mutual.  In fact, we could at times communicate this thought to each other with a simple look, no words required.  Our love for each other is shared, but not much else about us is similar!  And where there are differences, there is often a tension ready to flare up at unexpected moments.

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