Forever Love: A Story of Long-lasting Marriage

He sat across from me at the table, his weathered and wrinkled hands clasped in front of him.  He finally looks all of his eighty-five years, but that happy twinkle is still in his eyes, and he laughs as easily as ever.  Uncle Bennett has always possessed a boyish charm and youthful soul that draw me in when we visit, year after year.  Aunt Doris has been gone six years now, but Uncle Bennett’s memories and his affection for his bride of fifty-seven years are still obviously fresh upon his heart.  Although my visit with him was much too brief last month, the time we had together left me with a question that lingers on my mind…

In our current culture, is it even possible anymore to have a forever kind of love?  Actually, I believe the answer is yes.   

That day, I drove over 150 miles to witness the legacy of a companionable and long-lasting love.

“We were together a long time, and we enjoyed it.  She was not only my wife; she was my buddy and my best friend and everything else.   She was my fishin’ partner, and she didn’t like to fish when we got married… and before she got dementia, she liked it better than I did!  I told her one time, if she would golf with me, I’d go shopping with her… so we made that agreement.   We did everything together… we were very fortunate, and I know it.”

I asked Uncle Bennett what in particular about Aunt Doris caught his attention; what was it that made him like her so (because when they met, they each were dating other people and would actually go on double dates together!).  After initially responding that he liked everything about her, he admitted that it was her kindness.  In fact, her sweet and kind spirit left a mark on us all.

  My mother has always reminded me that more than any other character trait, I ought to look for basic kindness in a mate.  Many other virtues are essential to becoming a decent person or in being an exceptional spouse.  But kindness, at its most genuine and steady faithfulness, will make your beloved’s heart your home.   Uncle Bennett and Aunt Doris found that kindness in each other.  Their hearts became each other’s homes.

When our Walker employees help young couples find their perfect china or home décor to create their first home together, that is what we hope for them.  We hope that in each other, they will find the home of their hearts – happy, fulfilled and as one.  May we each leave a beautiful mark on our beloved’s hearts and on the hearts of those who cross our paths in this life.

Do you have any memories of witnessing long-lasting love?  Share with us your own stories that warm your heart!

~ by Sydney

A message from Sydney : Hello! I am the marketing research assistant at Walker Boutique, and I am thrilled that you have dropped by our blog!  I love learning how to bring people together, and I look forward to spending time chatting with you over our topics!   Be sure to check in with us to see the variety of topics we will discuss such as bridal essentials, home decor inspirations, and lifestyle tips that we hope will add beautiful simplicity to your life.  Always feel welcome to leave a comment below to join in the conversation!  We would love to hear your insights!  Blessings to you :)

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